Our Story

At NWJ Cosmetics, you are our focus!

Here we focus on you. The products that we sell are focused on our customers in order to allow anyone to use without a fuss. Our focus at NWJ Cosmetics is to provide products that take away the extensive makeup routine and allow each customer to express their beauty in a natural way.

Functional Flair

The Elevate range includes our beautiful five glosses and a black mascara which is functional in any place. The Elevate products contain a light (which is used in a dark place such as a restaurant) and a mirror (used instead of the struggle of holding a mirror, the bottle, and the applicator, with only two hands) which allow easy use in any situation.

At NWJ Cosmetics, we care about animals! 🐭🐭

We never test any of our products on animals! They have no way to communicate! We love animals because we have them. My puppy, Max, inspired me to never test on animals. He was adopted from a shelter, where he was saved from the dogfighting ring. This trauma, the forces fighting, left my dog defensive and scared. This can be applied to the animals that are tested on. We refuse to put them through that kind of trauma. We love our animals, we love our cause.
Accentuate your natural beauty with our organic, natural, cruelty-free cosmetic line.

My Mother as Inspiration

I found my inspiration from my mother who stayed busy my whole childhood. My mother always struggled to put on makeup because she never had the time to sit herself down, in front of a mirror, with all of her makeup, to apply it. My mother used her time to take care of my brothers and me. When she applied her makeup, it was either a struggle in the car at a red light, or with me holding her phone in selfie mode while she struggled to see herself constantly asking "Is it even?!"

Creating makeup that fits YOU!

My personal makeup routine is simple, quick, and functional, but I could never find products that I could take on the go. This is why I created my line, Elevate. Elevate is a line of cosmetics that include a light and mirror in the bottle that allows easy use, as well as on the go convenience. My mother and I are always out and about, so we both use this product. We designed it to be compact, but functional for everyone to use wherever they are.

Have Fun with Friends

Friends can create the best memories. In my personal life, my friends helped me create the best beauty line for my lifestyle, that also moulds into theirs. My friends have supported me through my endeavours, which is why I am devoted to a company that is inclusive of all. NWJ Cosmetics is about friends and family, natural beauty, and having fun with life.
My best friends supported me throughout this process and they inspire me every day to continue on my journey.