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Colourful Love

Colour Your World

Mischief is our rosy coloured lip gloss which has beautiful flecks of silver and undertones of baby pink. Mischief has a slight shimmer and adapts to your lip shade. Mischief is soft, creamy, and easy to apply. This gloss is scented with strawberry.
Tease has a soft and delicate texture with pink and purple undertones and deeper red flecks and is scented with strawberry. The gloss is silky. 
Fetish is a brightly coloured purple gloss which has bright pink undertones and deep purple flecks. This gloss is the most opaque, allowing for layering. Fetish is glossy and feminine and is scented with strawberry. 
Desire has deep velvet purple undertones and small silver flecks. This gloss is strawberry scented and has a soft texture that adapts to your natural skin tone. Desire allows building and adapts well with lip liner, lipstick, or alone. 
Sassy has a smooth texture with a slight strawberry scent. The gloss has rose-gold undertones as well as deep pinks. The gloss adapts to your skin and shimmers in the sunlight and also has golden flecks.

Size: 9 ml / .3 oz
Shade: Red, Deep Purple, Purple, Pink, and Baby Pink
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